Our Methods
Depending on your objectives, budget and capabilities, we will offer you a combination of components for our collaboration
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  • when your company is about to meet new future, create growth, increase profitability or create a strong business culture
  • when you want to develop the business through leadership
  • when you as a leader want a coach that can support you or your key personnel to fulfill your aspirations
Individual Coaching
We are a team of professional coaches, qualified by International Coach Federation at PCC level. Get personal attention to define your purpose, your special talents, and to make plans that keep you on track.
Team Coaching and Facilitation
Create common language and open opportunity for conversation in your team and your company.
Customized Programs and Workshops
We help to develop high-performing teams through lenses of 4 dimensions: Team Purpose, Team Structure, Relationship, Collaboration. The event can last from 2 hours up to 3-4 days. Book a one-hour meeting with us and a manager of a respective team to make a quick assessment of the current team needs.
ASSESSMENT: Lumina Learning
We use ground-breaking and innovative Lumina Learning personality assessment tools to support leaders and teams. Discover practical actions for improved communication, teamwork and leadership.
PROGRAM: Self-Managing Leadership
The SML® program is one of the world's most successful leadership development programs, with over 300,000 participants to date. Turbulent times call for extraordinary leadership. Effective leaders know that times of uncertainty can be opportunities to steer themselves, their organizations and their teams, in clear and constructive new direction.

Available for the companies and in the open format.
TRAINING: Wisdom of Teams
Teams are complicated, complex structures. They are comprised of individuals with different personalities, biases, strengths, and weaknesses. Leaders are constantly attempting to crack the team driving puzzle.

What if all the answers already exist inside your team, and you just need to learn how to hear them?

Interactive training program, based on theory of Spiral Dynamics for Team Leaders.
TRAINING: Coaching Competencies in Communication
Organisations that operate at high speed and complexity need leaders who are coaches, not controllers.

An important aspect is the development of interpersonal skills that support giving feedback, removing barriers, managing conflict, holding crucial conversations and engaging colleagues as responsible adults.
Motivational Speech: Leadership 4.0
Today, as organizations are increasingly dealing with rapid changes and complex challenges, the traditional leadership mindsets, styles and ways of working are no longer enough to cope with the speed, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of this new operating environment.

The short workshop/motivational speech can be embedded into Company's retreat or any other event to create a thought-provoking dialog about leadership challenges and newly emerging forms of leadership.