TeamLead Academy
The Corporate University for Small and Medium Companies
The idea was born and shaped together with our client.
It started as a programme for management team development.
Very soon it got clear that, to be aligned with company's strategy and goals, we need to go deeper.

It is absolutely necessary to make sure that customers are happy, employees are satisfied and business goals are met.

But to move the iceberg in the right direction, we need to pay attention to its undercurrents. In this case, the motivation, culture and attitude of the senior and middle managers.

This is how the 4-modules programme for leadership development was created.
Main components and formats
Get new skills and
shape leadership mindset
Team Facilitation
Create common language and open opportunity for conversation
Individual Coaching
Integrate the knowledge into day-to-day reality
Basic Structure
to be adapted to your current needs
Module 1. Leader to Self
  • Leading through influence, not authority
  • Balance of the work and life
  • The basics of mindfulness
  • Focus on fewer things that makes the biggest difference
  • Individual leadership assessment
  • Identification and strengthen of the top qualities
  • Individual development plan
Module 2. Leader to Employees
  • The fundamentals of coaching
  • Managing differences
  • The art of giving developmental feedback
  • Empowerment by deligation
  • Handling crucial conversations
  • Dealing with barriers to success
  • Personal strategies for effective communication
Module 3. Leader to Team
  • A self motivation of the team
  • Effective strategies in going through change
  • Handling "difficult conversations" and managing conflicts
  • Increasing collaboration of your team
  • Defining your role as a leader
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of micro management
  • Boosting successful development of your team
Module 4. Management Toolkit
  • Action planning and accountability
  • Decision making strategies
  • Clarity of strategic priorities
  • Absolute personal responsibility
  • Effective meetings
  • Self-organization
  • Time management
  • Rapid response and agility
We believe in experiential learning
Our programme is developed, so that your employees get the most of learning "on the job"
through "on the job" experience
through focused interaction and collaboration
formal training
How the Proccess Looks Like
The Start
The Start
Get to know us
Schedule a meeting to discuss your current needs.
Get a proposal.
First Touch
First Touch
Get flavor of our programmes

It might be valuable to pilot our approach before taking final decision. Some of our clients choose to visit one of our open programmes or arrange for 2-3 hours length strategic session for management team.
During the program
During the program
Get all 4 modules or choose the most relevant. Each module lasts for 2 days. The usual time between modules is two months.
Through the program
Through the program
Modules are surrounded by the set of individual coaching on a mutually agreed schedule to keep focused and team workshops to share experience, tips and tricks.
The Finish
The Finish
We believe this is important
Our programmes are built by the coaches and facilitators with extensive corporate background. We know from our own experience the challenges and needs of leaders.
We focus on customization of our basic offering to you company specifics. Our clients treats us as their partners in Leadership and Culture development.
We offer an integrative approach. It is crucial for us to ensure that new attitudes, behaviors and skills are used as soon after the modules.